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At ImashTech, you will have the opportunity to work with the best people yet the most talented ones. Our inclusive and trustworthy workspace is surely what you want in your life.

Join us on our mission to shape the future of clients. We are people-focused in our approach and believe that the best gift we can give our employees is that of “staying relevant!”

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Sales Operations

Services with sales operators

  • Our experts will help your business
  • Activities and processes that help a sales organization
  • Organization run smoothly and efficiently

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Service with voice communication

  • Our team will provide a two-way communications services
  • Telecommunications service
  • Involving direct real-time communications

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Non Voice

Communication services with Non-voice

  • Our team will provide website chats
  • in-app chat,video chat,sending message,
  • whatsapp chat,E-mailing,and all social media websites

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